Houses. Houses. Houses.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been sketching elevations and floor plans on any surface I can find – a Post-It, a napkin, a notepad, an asphalt driveway, loose-leaf paper (to my school teachers’ dismay), you name it. I constantly examine how homes can be improved, inside and out. Through in-home consultation sessions, informal sketches, and SketchUp modeling, I help clients realize the ways in which they can improve the spaces they call home, often focusing on architectural changes like cabinetry, mill work, layout, etc. My primary goal is always to bring to life a client’s personality in their space — I firmly believe that our homes are an extension of self and that what we choose to bring inside and how we choose to use our space reflects who we are and aspire to be. A few of my tenets:

  • Less is (often) more.
  • Timeless over disposable means that the perfect item is often worth waiting for.
  • Windows and doors are the eyes, ears, and nose of a home and deserve the utmost care and attention.

To compliment my more technical passion for architectural design, I also love to paint. With the encouragement of my amazing mother, I began formal painting lessons in middle school and quickly found my preferred medium: oils. The vibrancy, texture, and longevity of oils are simply unmatched. I’m drawn to bold, contrasting colors and expressive strokes to bring my subjects to life – often with architectural components. I love exploring how buildings, roads, and other structures relate to their surrounding landscapes. A roof before the sky. Creeping vegetation. Sharpened shadows. Reflective windows. There are so many ways in which architecture pushes and pulls against nature (and vice versa), exemplifying our human experience.

If you are interested in discussing changes to your home or in commissioning a painting, please reach out below. I work locally in New York City and remotely wherever you may be.

Professional Experience

Business Development at Meridian Capital Group, 2016 – present

Account Executive at McCann New York, 2014-2016

Account Executive at Saatchi & Saatchi, 2013-2014


M.S. Real Estate Development at New York University 

B.A. in Politics & Studio Art at Washington & Lee University 

K – 12 at St. Christopher’s School

Christopher Alexander